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A no-frills geek meet, an effort from Better Labs, a tiny geeky company in Pune.


Pune Rails Hackathon: July 29-30, 2006!


Hackathon.in is a no-frills geek meet. Pune Rails Hackathon is the a Rails development weekend where passionate Ruby/Rails programmers can get together and build some cool web services and applications on Ruby/Rails, creating the early prototypes. The idea is really to foster a gathering of like minded Ruby & Rails ethusiasts (whether you are an expert or just a starter, it should not matter) to come together and build something cool. Since this is the first hackathon of this sort in Pune (everyone from all over India is very much welcome), we will have mentors who will suggest a range of small footprint web applications or web services that can be built within the 2 day period. Suggestions & ideas for web services and applications will be added to this wiki over the next few days so you can choose what you might be interested in. Ofcourse, you can build whatever you like. The venue (Better Labs office) will be open all day and night so you can plan your work accordingly. Please email any thoughts and ideas to vaibhav at betterlabs.net

Password to edit wiki is ihack. Please be responsible while editing and ensure the formating to keep it readable. Vaibhav, Satish & Dibya are primarily updating the agenda and so on.


  • Vaibhav Domkundwar, vaibhav at betterlabs.net
  • Satish Talim, satish.talim at gmail.com
  • Dibya Prakash, prakashdibya at yahoo.com
  • Pratik Naik, pratik at betterlabs.net
  • Satish Mishra, satish at betterlabs.net

Venue & Date

Better Labs 

14 Trade Field,

Opposite Sony World Showroon

Sanghavi Nagar, Aundh

Pune 411007



July 29-30, 2006

All day and night

Presentations will start Sunday afternoon


Suggested Prototype Applications

coming soon. stay tuned. you can ofcourse decide and create your own applications.

Geeks who'll be there

Please add your name and company name here. Email and/or phone is optional. Spread the word to your geeky friends and colleagues who may be interested.

  1. Satish Mishra, Better Labs 
  2. Pratik Naik, Better Labs 
  3. Vaibhav Domkundwar, Better Labs 
  4. Dibya Prakash, Reevik
  5. Satish Talim, PuneRuby
  6. Ashish Kulkarani, SAPforbusiness
  7. Shantanu Oak, shantanuo at yahoo.com
  8. Harish Ingale, Reevik
  9. Anil Wadghule, Reevik
  10. Vikrant Chaudhari, Reevik
  11. Vaidehi, Reevik


coming soon. post your questions here.

Sponsors, Prizes & Rules


Better Labs: Win Rs.10,001 for the coolest Rails app

Vaibhav Domkundwar


PuneRuby & SAPforBusiness sponsors a Rs.15,000 takeaway.

Satish Talim & Ashish Kulkarni


PuneRuby and SFBL are offering a prize for each of the entries below. The person / team finishing these and judged to be the best will receive a prize of Rs.5000.

1. An application that displays Login, does simple authentication and displays an authorisation based Menu. In addition to the menu, the application should display a data entry form that would allow one-many kind of invoice data entry and a report that would display and would allow editing and deletion of these entries. The application should allow people to register and also change their passwords.

2. A web service that would provide the following:

a. Currency Rates of at least 10 currencies (from a database table) compared to GBP

b. Currency Rate of a particular currency compared to GBP

c. Conversion amount between currency X and currency Y for a particular amount in currency X

For more details, visit www.xe.com and see how they do things.There should also be a backend allowing editing the currency rates and a front-end making use of the web-service to display currency rates.


The rule is that the entire development should be done using Ruby and Rails framework only and all the source code should be in working order. It will be displayed on the PuneRuby website.


"PuneRuby and SFBL are also offering an additional prize of Rs.5000" to the best entry other than the two above. Again, the source code of that should be in working order and will be displayed on PuneRuby website.


All entries should be created from scratch. Members of SFBL, BetterLabs and the

organisers do not qualify. Entrants should be members of PuneRuby

Membership to PuneRuby is free.


For teams, this prize money will have to be shared by all the team members. Judges' decision will be final. If there is any fowl play, prize will go to the next contestant. Prizes are for finished entries only. Presentation and Coding standards are of utmost importance.


So a total of Rs.15,000 to be won!!! Sorry, no second prizes.


Stay tuned for rules & suggestions.

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